SY-6218-Z Laboratory micro film blowing machine
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This machine is mainly used to detect the feasibility of blowing film of polymer materials and the colloidal state within the material, as well as the dispersion of colored dispersions, control mixtures, and extrudates. This machine has a compact structure and can be operated on an experimental platform, with a small floor area. It is suitable for use in universities, scientific research institutions, and factory laboratories.

Typical Application
<Color distribution 
<Test the dispersive property of color masterbatch 
<Material processing properties 
<Quality control 

Single Screw Extrusion Machine

Screw diameter

16-25mm (optional)

Length ratio

28:1, other length ratios(10 to 33 times) are optional

Speed adjustment

Frequency converter control


Instrument control

Temperature range

Room temperature~300 or customized

control accuracy


Heating method

Electric heating coil

Heating zone

Multi section zoning, precise temperature control

Screw & Barrel material

38CrMoAl advanced nitrided steel or other customized materials

Cooling device

Multi-wing fan super static forced air cooling

Driving power

Precision reduction motor

Film Blowing Auxiliary Machine

Diameter of dies


Huffing air

Compressed air

Cooling air

Silent fan

Dimension of the carry-over pinch roll


Traction line speed

0.5~5m/min is adjustable

The maximum folded diameter of the thin film

150-200mm Depending on material properties

Traction electric machine


Winding method

Constant torque winding

Power supply

3,AC380V, 50Hz three-phase & five-wire

Overall equipment size

1000×500×1400 (L×W×H)mm

Total equipment weight

180 kg

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